Monday, January 31, 2011

First Post Ever

Well I guess all I can really say is hello. I intend to make this site something of an online diary of my life; original right?

Anyways, so today I had an test for one of my many science based courses and I'm going to say it bluntly; I barely passed it. I mean, seriously, I only got about half of the questions on the exam and I most definitely did not do well on the multiple choice portion of the exam.

Also, I think I've started to develop a bit of hatred for some of my classmates.


Serenity_Painted_Death said...

Congrats on passing even if it wasn't the grade you waned. Science can be very hit or miss for me. And I know all about disdain for your classmates. Hang in there man.

codgirl said...

Welcome to my life at college. I spend so much time doing EVERYTHING that isn't homework that when I finally get to it, I don't have time to do a really good job. But I do well enough to pass and thats really my goal. I just want that piece of paper so I cna get on with my life. :)

Hans Kr├╝ger said...

You passed, so that means "mission accomplished" for now. And keep on doing this online diary, especially with a hatred of your classmates, when you go postal, this blog will be all over the news! ;)

Zach Shay said...

at least you passed thats good news